We are pleased to announce that we have received a grant from First Hawaiian Bank (FHB) to help us provide food during this COVID-19 period of historically high unemployment(*). The picture below shows Cathy Butler practicing social distancing in accepting the check from John Taylor, Vice-President and Princeville Branch Manager. Mahalo FHB!!!

(*) The offical BLS April unemployment rate for Hawaii is 22.3%, which is 52% higher than the unemployment rate for all of the U.S.; and over 8 times the unemployment rate in April 2019 (2.7%)!



The Kaua’i North Shore Food Pantry (KNSFP) is pleased to announce that it has received a grant from the Hawaii Community Foundation  (HCF).

The grant will be used to provide food to help us fight the higher level of food insecurity resulting from the unprecedented levels of unemployment on Kaua’i in the COVID-19 situation. 

Mahalo nui loa to HCF and its donors.         


                                 Mahalo nui loa to the
                    Clarence T. C. Ching Foundation.

Their generous grant, in addition to helping with our other programs, enabled us to increase the pounds of food distributed in 2019 by 19.5%.

Welcome to the Kaua’i North Shore Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is an independent 501(c)(3) organization that is self-sustaining thanks to donations from individuals, and foundation grants from across Kauai, Hawaii, and from the mainland.

After shopping at the local Food Banks, most often on Friday mornings, volunteers arrive at the Food Pantry office to store the food.

Volunteers who want to be a part of serving their neighbors, come from all corners of the community, including customers who shop the pantry each week.

We are so grateful for the support of all the businesses, and members of the community, that continue to contribute to our organization each day. Without your help this dream could never have become a reality.